Streamline Your Team's Operations with Tholos: The Ultimate Solution for Managing Cryptocurrency Assets

Streamline Your Team's Operations with Tholos: The Ultimate Solution for Managing Cryptocurrency Assets


In today's digital age, startups and teams holding crypto-assets must balance smooth operations and prioritize security. Tholos is a game-changer, offering a comprehensive and secure platform tailored for teams managing cryptocurrencies and NFTs. See how Tholos revolutionizes your team's approach to handling crypto-assets.

1. No Single Point of Failure: Uninterrupted Operations

Tholos robust MPC architecture eliminates any single point of failure. This ensures that your team's operations remain uninterrupted, even in the face of unexpected challenges ranging from compromised employee devices to unexpected employee departure.

Unlike software wallets and hardware wallets, our use of MPC technology reduces the risk of asset compromise and allows teams to continue to manage funds securely even in situations where a party previously responsible for signing transactions is no longer available.

2. Transaction Analysis: Clarity in Every Step

Understanding cryptocurrency transactions can be complex, especially for teams new to blockchain technology. Tholos simplifies this with our transaction readability feature. Every transaction is clearly presented in a human-readable and easy-to-understand format, ensuring your team can manage assets with full clarity and confidence.

Tholos also goes one step further by automatically conducting a transaction risk analysis through our partner Blowfish. We provide clients with a risk score assessing the chances of a transaction being compromised in order to give clients peace of mind when transacting.

3. Privacy: Safeguarding Your Assets and Information

At Tholos, we prioritize your privacy. Our platform eliminates external party insight into the signing behaviors and rules that an organization has in place.

This means that teams can transact with confidence not having to worry about physical attack vectors from sophisticated parties seeking to compromise a team's assets.

4. Contacts: Streamline Your Connections

Tholos's contacts feature allows your team to manage and streamline connections with internal and external parties efficiently. Organize your contacts, track your interactions, and maintain essential relationships all within our user-friendly platform.

Whether you’re conducting payroll on-chain or paying a contractor; use Tholos’ contact function to reduce the risk of mistaken transactions while speeding up payment processes.

5. Reporting: Data-Driven Decisions

Make informed decisions with Tholos's comprehensive reporting tools. Our platform provides detailed reporting on your crypto-asset holdings and transaction history, enabling your team to analyze trends, assess performance, and strategize effectively for the future.

Wrapping Up:

Tholos is more than just a crypto-asset management tool; it's a strategic partner for startups and teams navigating the complexities of the digital currency landscape. Our platform offers a blend of security, usability, and insightful features, making it ideal for teams committed to efficient and secure crypto-asset management.

Join Tholos today and lead your team toward a more streamlined and successful future in the world of digital currencies.