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Tholos utilizes enterprise-grade infrastructure to guarantee users a smooth and functional treasury management environment.

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Tholos uses two MPC implementations to deliver a digital asset management experience that covers the EVM and beyond.

In constructing our cryptography, we’ve prioritized security and performance meaning that organizations should not only feel safe when storing assets in a Tholos vault, but will also benefit from marketing-leading transaction performance when actively managing funds.

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“We have highly performant implementations for both EdDSA and ECDSA.

For EdDSA we're RFC compliant meaning we are in line with the soon-to-be standardized protocol for EdDSA.

For ECDSA we have a DKLs19 implementation that is more secure compared to most implementations that utilize GG/CMP20 both in the theoretical and practical sense.”

Shalev Keren
Cryptography Advisor

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Self-custody your crypto assets with an easy, web3 native experience.

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