Tholos for DAOs

Streamline and Secure Your DAO’s Treasury management

Improve Your DAO’s Treasury Management with Our Crypto-Native MPC Wallet – Save on Transaction Costs, Improve Security, and Directly Interact with the dApps.

Tholos delivers a powerful and intuitive solution tailored to meet the unique needs of DAOs operating in a number of different categories. Experience seamless interaction with the DeFi ecosystem, unlock access to the multi-chain world, and benefit from institutional-grade security.


streamline dao operations

Tholos improves internal DAO operations by distilling key user-flows and implementing important features to save time and reduce organizational strain.

An abstract illustrating the idea that Tholos support anonymous users.


Easily add and save contacts so that your organization can safely manage payroll, pay contributors, and more.

enhanced reporting

Our in-depth reporting streamlines accounting/bookkeeping and provides DAO members with a clear understanding of internal transactions.

An abstract illustrating that Tholos makes it easy to read transactions in your vault

transaction labelling

Tholos’s transaction labelling functionality allows the managers of an organization more efficiently and sustainably develop a core infrastructure for operation management.



Tholos opens up access to interacting with the multi-chain world of crypto. From the EVM to beyond, organizations can securely store assets and manage their treasury across a number of major blockchains.


Tholos will soon provide access to the core EVM blockchain. Unlike smart contract wallets, Tholos vaults maintain the same address across EVM chains.


We’ve built an MPC-implementation that works outside of the world of EVM, finally unlocking a new frontier for DAOs.

reduced surface area of attack

DAOs can engage in activities on multiple blockchains without massive increases in security-risks.

Aggregated dashboard

The Tholos dashboard aggregates exposures across all blockchains we support, providing organizations with a clear UI to track their treasury.



Tholos empowers your DAO treasury by providing native, frictionless access to DeFi and Web3 applications, enabling your organization to harness the full potential of on-chain activity.

built for on-chain use

Tholos natively works with applications across the Web3 ecosystem and doesn’t require custom integrations.

An abstract illustrating the idea that Tholos support anonymous users.

Anonymous by default

Our product enables organizations to interact as publicly or privately as they wish.


Tholos makes institutionally-secure self-custody possible.

An illustration of concentric circles indicating the idea that Tholos is permission less. Anyone can use the product and their are no gatekeepers.


Launch  a vault with Tholos instantaneously and without requiring the approval of Tholos.



Tholos offers a cost-effective solution for your DAO treasury, providing a free-to-setup platform that dramatically reduces gas fees associated with transactions. By minimizing expenses and optimizing efficiency, Tholos enables your organization to allocate more resources towards growth and value creation.

An abstract illustrating that it is easy to setup your Tholos vault.

no setup fee

Get started on improving your DAOs custody at no cost, with no setup fee your organization will save $$ starting from day one.

Low gas fees

Tholos vaults pay the same gas fees as EOA wallets (e.g. Metamask), meaning that the cost to transact with a Tholos vault is dramatically lower than with a smart-contract wallet (e.g. SAFE).

How Tholos Compares




Free to setup

Natively compatible with dApps

Fully self-custodial

Innovative cryptography implementation

Ultra-low gas costs



(e.g. Fireblocks)


(e.g. Gnosis Safe)


(e.g. Metamask)


(e.g. Ledger)

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