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Optimize your team’s Operations and maximize security

Improve Business Operations with Our MPC Wallet – Enhance Security, Streamline Workflows, and Cut Costs.

Tholos delivers a powerful and functional solution built to enhance business operations. Feel comfort through our enhanced security, save time when it comes to reporting, and preserve capital through our reduced transaction costs.


No single point of failure

Tholos splits a private key into multiple shares distributing an organizations signers and removing the single point of failure inherent to most wallet categories.

Mobile-first singing

The Tholos signing environment exceeds the security standards of Web extensions, and benefits from the hardware encryption on IOS and Android.

An abstract illustrating that Tholos makes it easy to read transactions in your vault

Transaction readability

We highlight the core of transactions to give signers a clear view of the transactions that they’re signing.

Private facing

Tholos’s MPC wallet is private-facing, giving teams/businesses the privacy they need to safely manage operations.


Streamlined business management interactions

Tholos equips businesses with an easy-to-use platform which provides the necessary functionality to speed up and improve business operations from payroll to asset storage.

An abstract illustrating the idea that Tholos support anonymous users.

save contacts

Easily add, remove, and label contacts so that your organization can securely pay contributors, transact with trusted parties, and more.

Manage payroll

Using our streamlined transaction system, contacts page, and reporting functionality . organizations can smoothly conduct payroll with crypto.

Reduce risk

Organizations can feel safe interacting with new wallet addresses and protocols on account of the address labelling provided by Tholos and the transaction risk levels emphasized when engaging in new transactions.



Tholos provides teams with efficient and detailed reporting equipping businesses with the necessary resources for bookkeeping, accounting, and expense management.

Track transaction history

Easily review a history of transactions with accompanying metrics including transaction timing, signers, and more.

An illustration of concentric circles indicating the idea of monitoring key performance indicators in the Tholos dashboard

Monitor KPis

View core internal indicators at a glance using our streamlined dashboard.


Natively Web3

Tholos empowers teams with  easy access to DeFi and Web3 applications, enabling your business to easily engage in on-chain activity.

An illustration of concentric circles indicating the idea that Tholos is permission less. Anyone can use the product and their are no gatekeepers.


Level up your custody in just a few-clicks!

Private facing

Tholos vaults are private-facing, providing teams with much-needed internal privacy.

No term commitment

Organizations have the flexibility to easily onboard to Tholos and fold Tholos into their workflows as they find helpful.

An illustration of concentric circles indicating the idea that Tholos supports multiple blockchains in one interface

built for on-chain use

Tholos natively equips teams for on-chain activity with our easy-to-use Walletconnect functionality.

How Tholos Compares




Free to setup

Natively compatible with dApps

Fully self-custodial

Innovative cryptography implementation

Ultra-low gas costs



(e.g. Fireblocks)


(e.g. Gnosis Safe)


(e.g. Metamask)


(e.g. Ledger)

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