Tholos raises $1.5 million to build highly usable and ultra-functional digital asset custody.

Tholos raises $1.5 million to build highly usable and ultra-functional digital asset custody.


We are thrilled to share that we’ve raised a $1.5m pre-seed round to build the next generation of digital asset custody and treasury management.

Our round was led by North Island Ventures, Lattice Capital, Chainforest, and Dispersion Capital. We also received valuable angel support from: Reverie, Alex Zhang (Mayor of FWB), Mike Ippolito (Co-founder of Blockworks), Brandon Kumar(Founder of Layer3), 369 Capital, RAZ (Founder of Guild), Can Gurel (Research at Delphi Digital), Vasanth Thiruvadi (FWB Treasury Lead), Arnav Pagidyala (Angel Investor) and more incredible angels…

“The need for better self-custody solutions has never been more clear, and we're excited to support Tholos's efforts to bring user-friendly, ultra secure MPC to thousands of crypto-native organizations"

- Travis Scher, Managing Partner at North Island Ventures

Tholos is building a custody and treasury management platform that enables organizations to securely hold their assets, transact and interact with dApps, and manage day-to-day operations. Using best-in-class tech, Tholos will deliver an industry leading treasury management experience while exceeding the functionality and security standards offered by existing solutions.

“Group custody is broken. The organizations using existing solutions lack the functionality they desire, are forced to manage funds in a wildly inefficient manner, dread interacting with their treasury on account of poor UX, and suffer from high fees. This funding round enables Tholos to bring our institutional-grade platform to the public and to level up the custody space as a whole.”

- Abraham Litwin-Logan, Co-Founder at Tholos

Tholos is building an institutional-grade product that is accessible to everyone whether you are a DAO, fund, team, business, or a security-conscious individual

Tholos is the best solution for DAOs to take their treasury management to the next level. We enable DAOs to manage assets and transact across all major blockchains, interact directly with all on-chain applications, and dramatically reduce the high transaction costs associated with existing solutions.

Tholos is the best solution for funds bogged down by clunky and expensive traditional custody to reduce their overhead costs, while benefiting from a more streamlined product that also employs institutional security standards.

Tholos is the best solution for businesses and teams to securely hold crypto-assets and interact natively with blockchain-based applications whether that’s earning yield on assets or paying contributors with crypto.

Tholos is the best solution for individuals with high security standards to manage their assets in a highly-functional environment that doesn’t suffer from a single point of failure.

Tholos employs best-in-class security standards to protect your digital assets

Security is paramount for the types of organizations that Tholos attracts and that’s why we employ robust security standards in order to mitigate the risk of asset loss.

The MPC infrastructure of Tholos utilizes a new and exciting MPC stack built by former Israeli Intelligence cybersecurity experts that we are excited to share more about in the near future.

We’ve also brought on a security advisor that has managed security for large crypto-organizations, boasts deep experience working with the existing suite of institutional crypto custody products, and has a background in intelligence services + cybersecurity.

Lastly, Tholos is being battle-tested as we continue development and will undergo rigorous cryptography + code review, penetration testing, and comprehensive security assessment prior to going live.

Tholos is multi-chain

Tholos is a fully multi-chain platform enabling organizations to hold assets and interact with dApps across all major blockchains. Covering EVM and beyond, organizations using Tholos will be able to manage assets cross-chain, gain exposure to different ecosystems, and natively interact with any blockchain application.

For instance, using Tholos; an investment DAO could securely and efficiently access Ethereum DeFi, purchase Tezos NFTs, interact with Cosmos applications, and hold native Bitcoin all from the same interface.

Equally, a team could pay contributors on Polygon, issue grants on Optimism, buy the latest dog coin on Binance Smart Chain, mint a new NFT on Solana, whilst gaming on Aptos; again all from the same Tholos interface.

Tholos is the cheapest custody solution on the market

We are cheaper to set up and cheaper to actually use, meaning that your organization's bottom line will only be bolstered by using a Tholos vault.

There is no startup cost to setting up a Tholos vault, there is no transaction take rate, there is no contract, and there is no monthly service fee.

Unlike institutional custody providers, we don’t lock organizations into lengthy and ultra-expensive contracts (typically $30k+ a year) and unlike smart contract-based solutions there are no gas-related costs to set up a Tholos vault.

On top of that, we’re as cheap (gas-wise) to use as institutional custody products and dramatically cheaper to use than smart contract wallets. We make money by streamlining user-flows (all opt-in) and charging a small convenience fee. For instance we will be providing organizations with asset swap functionality directly on our dashboard and Tholos will take a small fee for the convenience.

Tholos prioritizes our users' experience

Interacting with existing custody solutions suck, and we believe that managing your own assets shouldn’t be so painful. That’s why we’re prioritizing a streamlined and effective UX with Tholos.

In designing Tholos, we spent three months intimately attacking the UX offered by existing competitor platforms and interviewing frequent users of the most popular custody products. As we began to design our prototype we aimed to incorporate the functionality improvements we’re making on the tech side along with solving the design deficiencies common throughout other platforms.

As we iterated through different design models, we went back to those frequent users of mainstream platforms and conducted comprehensive usability testing and research. In addition we’re working on taking our UX to the next level by streamlining common user flows into 1-click pathways making an organization's regular activities even easier to execute.

Tholos is a fully self-custodial product

The collapse of FTX reinforced the common mantra, “not your keys not your crypto.” At Tholos we believe that self-custody while imperfect is necessary for the crypto ethos to unfold. That’s why we’re excited to share that all Tholos Vaults will be fully self-custodial.

Unlike the bulk of MPC-based products, we do not retain any share of the vault’s key, meaning that Tholos has no ability to access your assets, block your transactions, or interfere with your organization's treasury management. Finally; true crypto-native custody… that actually works.


Tholos is now available to the public. Sign up today.