Revolutionizing VC Fund Operations: How Tholos Streamlines Digital Asset Management

Revolutionizing VC Fund Operations: How Tholos Streamlines Digital Asset Management


In the dynamic world of venture capital, funds are increasingly allocating to emerging blockchains and new technologies. However, this shift brings a suite of challenges, including the absence of secure solutions for holding digital assets, prolonged custodian support times for new tokens, soaring operational costs, and fragmented financial reporting. Tholos, with its advanced modern MPC-based platform, is uniquely positioned to transform the way VC funds operate and interact with their crypto-investments.

Addressing the Core Challenges

Secure Solutions for Emerging Blockchains

Traditionally, VC funds have faced significant delays and security concerns when allocating capital to newly emerging blockchains. Tholos tackles this issue head-on with our advanced data ingestion infrastructure. We can add support for new blockchains in weeks, not months giving VC funds the ability to confidently and securely expand their asset bases without the usual wait times or security risks.

Efficient Support for Newly Launched Tokens

The rapid pace of token launches often leaves funds waiting for custodian services to catch up. Tholos eliminates this bottleneck. All tokens on supported blockchains are automatically imported into the Tholos platform, and clients have the capability to add illiquid tokens in mere seconds. This feature ensures that VC funds can stay ahead of the market, embracing opportunities as they arise without any delays.

Cost-Effective Scaling

As operations scale, the cost of many traditional platforms balloons exponentially, posing a significant challenge for emerging VC funds. Tholos addresses this with fixed, transparent pricing. This model is designed to aid VC funds in scaling their operations without the burden of escalating costs.

Unified and Detailed Financial Reporting

One of the most cumbersome aspects of venture capital fund management is dealing with fragmented and often inconsistent financial reporting. Tholos introduces a unified and ultra-detailed reporting module that streamlines this process. This module not only saves time but also ensures accuracy and comprehensiveness in financial reporting, enabling funds to make informed decisions with ease.


Tholos is a game-changer for venture capital funds navigating the complexities of emerging blockchains and rapidly evolving digital assets. By providing secure, efficient, cost-effective, and detailed management solutions, Tholos empowers VC funds to focus on what they do best – making strategic investment decisions and driving innovation in their respective fields. With Tholos, the future of venture capital fund management is not just brighter; it's more efficient, secure, and scalable.