Tholos Achieves Tier 3 CCSS Certification


Tholos, a leading innovator in digital asset custody, proudly announces it has become the third company worldwide to have it’s cryptocurrency system certified by the CryptoCurrency Certification Consortium (C4) as a CryptoCurrency Security Standard (CCSS) Level 3 Qualified Service Provider (QSP). This designation underscores Tholos's unwavering commitment to providing the highest level of security and trust in digital asset management.

Further, the Tholos platform stands alone as being the only CCSS Level 3 digital asset custody and management platform that is permisionessly available to the public. Tholos’ solution provides clients with a self-custodial and seamless environment to hold and manage digital assets with peace of mind.

Halborn, an elite cybersecurity firm renowned for its comprehensive security solutions, conducted a thorough CCSS audit for Tholos’ system, which was then peer-reviewed by an additional third-party auditor to ensure a thorough and unbiased assessment of the system.

The CCSS is a globally recognized set of security principles designed to safeguard all information systems that utilize cryptocurrencies. Achieving Level 3 status, the highest possible, signifies that Tholos adheres to the most stringent security practices in the industry and distinguishes Tholos as a leader in digital asset security.

Founder Abraham Litwin-Logan states that the “CCSS certification affirms our commitment to the highest standards of trust and protection for our users. The certification process was rigorous and comprehensive, involving a detailed review of Tholos's systems, architecture, and policies. This also marked the capstone of our six-month long partnership with Halborn where the Tholos Web App, Mobile App, and Infrastructure underwent rigorous penetration testing and review.”

“Ensuring the utmost security for our clients is paramount at Halborn. We are excited to bring in our team of cybersecurity experts to strengthen the security of Tholos, whose mission is to empower organizations to hold digital assets securely. Our collaboration has enabled us to implement robust security measures, elevating their cybersecurity posture and enhancing their resilience against digital threats” - Rob Behnke, CEO, Halborn.

C4’s executive director, Jessica Levesque said, “CCSS certification attests to Tholos's robust security protocols and risk management systems. CCSS Level 3 status signifies that Tholos has implemented stringent security measures, going above and beyond basic security practices to protect their system against sophisticated threats.”

"It was great working with Tholos team during the CCSS audit. They showed hard work and dedication to meeting all the requirements. The team displayed adequate proof for meeting CCSS Level 3. We're looking forward to supporting the Tholos team to secure their codebase.” - Will Keppler, Security Advisor, Halborn.

Tholos looks forward to maintaining CCSS certification and continuing their partnership with Halborn as Tholos expands their digital assets offering and onboards more organizations to the Tholos platform.

About Tholos

Tholos is an MPC-based wallet solution enabling middle market organizations to hold and manage digital assets. We work with a diverse set of clients ranging from venture capital firms to family offices to foundations to hedge funds.