Tholos Public Launch


We are thrilled to share that Tholos is now available to the public.

Tholos empowers organizations to self-custody and manage their digital assets with industry-leading security and ease of use. In under 10 minutes, create an institutional-grade, multi-owner MPC wallet and secure your on-chain assets.

Security does not have to come at the cost of usability. We built Tholos with user experience at its core. Experience an intuitive interface making daily operations seamless, a speedy onboarding process, and numerous quality-of-life improvements designed to save you time, money, and headaches.

After spending time with the entire range of custody products, we realized that the middle market was critically underserved by the existing suite of custody solutions. So we built Tholos.

Custody solutions comparison table

Tholos fuses the best of each custody category into a platform that provides our clients with a flexible environment to hold and manage digital assets; regardless of whether you run a fund, are just starting your business, or manage an institutional OTC desk.

You can onboard and manage assets with the speed and ease of use of a consumer product, experience true self-custody akin to other middle market wallets, and guard your assets with the confidence of using an institutional-grade solution.

Our product has been in private beta for the last six months with more than two dozen organizations piloting the Tholos platform. This lengthy beta period has enabled us to optimize our platform for numerous use cases and undergo a meticulous internal and external security assessment process.

To that end, we’re excited to announce that Tholos has been certified as the third-ever custody platform to achieve CCSS Tier 3 certification as a qualified service provider (alongside Fireblocks and Liminal). We are also pleased to share that our cryptographic implementation (crafted by the world-class Sodot team) has been audited by NCC, and that the Tholos web application, mobile application, and infrastructure have been audited and penetration tested by Halborn.

Using Tholos, organizations can:

  • Create wallets with signing thresholds
  • Interact with numerous EVM and non-EVM chains through our unified dashboard
  • Create, modify, and disable custom policies and controls in seconds
  • Custody all coins on Tholos-supported blockchains straight out of the box
  • Interact with all WalletConnect supported dApps on Tholos-supported blockchains
  • Transact with confidence as transactions are simulated and analyzed for risk by Blowfish prior to signing
  • Benefit from fixed, transparent, and market-low pricing designed to help organizations scale

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