Unleashing Flexibility and Ease of Use with Tholos' New Features: Multi-Vault Management and Polygon Support

Unleashing Flexibility and Ease of Use with Tholos' New Features: Multi-Vault Management and Polygon Support


We have exciting news to share as we announce the rollout of two highly-anticipated features: Multi-Vault Management and Support for Polygon.

At Tholos, we're constantly evolving to meet the complex needs of Funds, DAOs, and Businesses.

Multi-Vault Management

To kick things off, let’s delve into our first new feature: Multi-Vault Management. As businesses grow and scale, they inevitably find themselves managing multiple digital asset portfolios. With each portfolio carrying its unique set of operational requirements, things can get complex and, without careful management, potentially insecure. Our goal with Multi-Vault Management is to resolve these issues while enhancing the security, control, and efficiency of your digital asset management.

The new Multi-Vault Management allows our users to create and manage multiple vaults under a single account. This feature offers granular control over each vault and its assets, enabling users to customize vault-specific policies, assign different access permissions, and tailor transaction workflows.

Moreover, our Multi-Vault Management offers the ability to segregate assets as per various organizational requirements. This could be particularly beneficial for Funds and DAOs that need to manage assets for different projects, initiatives, or departments. With this feature, the process is streamlined, and the security is fortified.

Polygon Network Support

Next up is the introduction of Support for the Polygon Network. As blockchain technology evolves, it is vital to provide our users with support for diverse blockchain ecosystems. Polygon is one such Layer 2 scaling solution designed to provide faster and more efficient transactions on the Ethereum blockchain.

By adding Polygon Network support, Tholos is now capable of securing assets on a network that brings scalable, secure, and instant Ethereum transactions. This new feature broadens the range of assets our users can safely manage through our platform.

Stay Ahead with Tholos

Our new features—Multi-Vault Management and Support for Polygon—are a testament to Tholos’ commitment to equipping our users with the right tools to navigate the ever-evolving world of digital assets.

By embracing these advancements, Tholos provides Funds, DAOs, and Businesses with the capability to manage digital assets more securely and efficiently, with the flexibility to adapt to changing needs and technologies.

We are excited to see how our users will leverage these new features to drive their digital asset management forward. As always, the Tholos team is here to support you every step of the way. Stay tuned to our blog for more updates and exciting news in the future.

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